• 30 Nov 2017
  • 17:02

Eid-El-Malud OPS Schedule

In line with the coming holiday, please note that on Friday 1st Dec there will be no VPU operations and only selected VDOs will be open for operations. Regular operations will resume Saturday 2nd Dec.

Please refer to the table below for the full schedule:Inline images 1

Best regards

  • 24 Nov 2017
  • 17:55

Agidingbi VDO is now open for 24 hours!

Agidingbi drop-off station is now open for 24 hours a day from Monday-Saturday! You can now drop-off any time as per your convenience. Address is Plot2, Lateef Jakunde street, Opp Agidingbi primary school.
  • 08 Nov 2017
  • 19:43


Please note that due to massive volume, from 13 Nov - 13 Dec, you will only be able to drop off your packages at the drop off station selected at ready to ship. Drop off hub change will be on hold during this period. Thank you.
  • 27 Oct 2017
  • 11:01

NO VDO & RTV OPS ON Sat. 28th Oct.

Dear Vendor, in preparation for the upcoming Black Friday Festival, please note that there will be no VDO and RTO operations on Saturday 28th October. Please endeavor to plan your drop-offs accordingly. Thank you for choosing Jumia.
  • 15 Sep 2017
  • 17:08

2 mins to tell us what you think!

Dear Vendor

Now you can tell us what you think about our services at our drop-off/return hubs by filing the very short survey there.
  • 15 Sep 2017
  • 17:09

Packaging Material Price Update

Packaging Materials 35% Price Cut - LIVE OCT 1ST!
View prices HERE
  • 15 Sep 2017
  • 17:08

Smart Quality Control

We have updated our drop-off Quality Control Process.
Please come with your packages unsealed. Drop-off QC failure charges may apply, more details HERE


  • 12 Jun 2017
  • 16:20


Jumia wants to protect our online community by ensuring that fake items are never listed. By selling only genuine products, we strengthen our position as the most trusted selling platform, which benefits your online business.

What is a fake item?
A fake item is also known as a replica, or "designer inspired" item. They pretend to be the real thing, using a similar looking brand logo, with the intention of making the customer believe they are authentic. 

Why is it wrong to sell a fake item?
It's not a big deal, right? Well, you may think that, but, selling fake items breach customer trust. An aggrieved customer will leave a negative product review, which puts your reputation as well as Jumia's at stake. Additionally, did you know the Nigerian law is protective of the Trademark Act 1965? Selling fake items expose you to Intellectual Property prosecution and any disputes of trademarks can be settled in court. 
How do you ensure you do not list a fake item?
To protect you, I'll give you tips on how to ensure you list only genuine items:
  • Do not list exclusive brands you have not been authorized to sell.
  • Do not list replica brands with an altered spelling, e.g "Channel" instead of "Chanel". 
  • Do not use brand logos that are not manufactured by the said brand, e.g using a Gucci logo for a non-Gucci product.
  • Do not verify and list authentic items, but then, deliver a counterfeit.
What are the consequences of selling fake items on Jumia?
Jumia's reputation is only as good as that of our vendors, consequently, should any listed item breach trust, it poses risks to our entire marketplace. Hence, Jumia will enforce, starting June 15th, the following procedures: 
  1. 50,000 Naira risk compensation on first occurrence of detection of a listed replica or fake. 
  2. On the second occurrence, to ensure to give ample time for a vendor to delist a replica or fake without exposing our collective reputation, store will be suspended until written commitment is made to [email protected] and store checked.
  3. Jumia will be fully transparent to legal authorities investigating cases of alleged breach of trademarks on the platform. 
Please be aware that Jumia will abide by the law and share any relevant information about every vendor subject to legal investigations regarding this topic.
Are you an authorized distributor of an exclusive brand? Or do you have any doubt about the product you want to list? Then write us at [email protected].
Thank you.
  • 26 May 2017
  • 12:48


Dear Vendor, 
Please note that ALL HUBS will be operating between 10AM- 2PM on Monday, May 29th ahead of the public holiday.
Kindly plan your activities accordingly.
Enjoy the weekend!
  • 29 Apr 2017
  • 08:25

SC Update: Operating Schedule for May 1st Holiday


AJAH YES NO 10:00AM-2:00PM


VENDOR PICK-UP SERVICES (VPU): This service would not be available on May 1st. Packages would be attempted the following day on Tuesday May 2nd

DOOR DELIVERIES FOR RETURNS (RTV)This service would not be available on May 1st. Ikeja packages would be attempted on Tuesday 2nd May, while Ogba packages would be attempted on Thursday 4th May
  • 15 Apr 2017
  • 14:02


Kindly note that there will be no VDO/VPU Operations on Friday, April 14th and Monday, April 17th.

However, we will stay operational on Saturday, April 15th and from Tuesday, April 18th.

Have a great Easter weekend!

  • 29 Mar 2017
  • 16:58

SC news update: Jumia is dropping commission. Vote now!

Jumia is giving you the very rare opportunity to decide which category we should reduce commission on... Like... Who does out-of-the-ordinary stuff like this to increase vendors sales? ...Jumia does:) 

The categories are:
  1. Smartphones
  2. Televisions
  3. Laptops
  4. Beauty & Perfumes
  5. Women's Fashion
All you have to do is:
  1. Log into your Facebook account
  2. Like our Jumia Nigeria Vendors Facebook page, if you still haven't ;)
  3. Vote for your choice.

Which category do you think will win?... Vote here
  • 23 Mar 2017
  • 13:50


Effective March 27th, we will be revising the operating hours of our hubs to service you better. New hubs such as Okota and Trade Fair will noe operate from 9AM - 2PM

Further details on new operating hours can be found here.

Thank you for your usual cooperation.

  • 13 Mar 2017
  • 13:44

SC news update - Jumia Studio & Content Services Marketplace

We’re pleased to introduce our new array of services - Jumia Studio & Content Services Marketplace, with its own dedicated portal.


If you will like to get start Click Here!


  • 01 Mar 2017
  • 16:30

SC news update - Jumia University Training Sessions

New: Graduate from Jumia University. 
It's our conviction that Jumia University's training sessions play an instrumental role in helping you become more successful, hence making you more money :-)

From now on, you will earn an official Jumia certification when you attend any of our skills development courses. Enroll for courses according to your needs here.

All training sessions will be held at: Jumia Corporate Office, 109A, Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja. Lagos.



  • 01 Mar 2017
  • 16:22

SC News Update - Packaging Materials Online

New! Order your packaging material online now.
To make doing business with Jumia more convenient and seamless, Jumia's packaging materials are online. Now, you can order from a wide assortment of packaging materials according to your needs.

<< Test Vendor >>, fulfill you orders without limitations... start here.



  • 22 Feb 2017
  • 10:52

SC news update: Seller Score Vs. Conversion Rate

Sell more thanks to your Seller Score!

We found that vendors with a higher Seller Score sell much more than other ones. So we looked deeper, and actually, the higher your Seller Score, the higher your Conversion Rate! That's why we recommend you to improve your Seller Score to increase sales and become the next Jumia millionaire :)
Did you know that a vendor who's Seller Score is greater than 4 sells twice more than a vendor who's Seller Score is 2.5? Quite amazing!
By the way, if you don't know, Conversion Rate is defined as the number of people who visit your shop on Jumia and buy a product from you. So if your shop on Jumia is getting 100 visitors and 1 of them buys a product from you, that means your store conversion rate is 1%. Simple as that!
We want you to improve your Seller Score. It is your most precious business asset. I will give you a few tips:
  • Try to prepare and ship orders in less than 24 hours.
  • Keep your store updated, you don't want to have products run out of stock.
  • Mind the quality of the products you sell... If customers return you products, your Seller Score decreases.




  • 22 Feb 2017
  • 10:49

SC News Update - 10 Point Resolution

10 things wey we go do!

In 2017, Jumia is committed to making your business bigger, more profitable and more convenient with our 10 resolutions. You sef check am!
1. Jumia Advantage Program
Based on your Seller Score and sales, you will be exclusively rewarded. Jumia Advantage Program comes with benefits such as: lower commissions, improved payment terms, invitation to VIP events, and more surprises!
2. Faster Product Approval
Great news! You can now get your products live, immediately they have been uploaded on SellerCenter. Indeed, Quality Control will be waived for vendors who meet certain criteria. This simply means faster product approvals and more sales! 
3. More Details on Your Account Statement
We have developed new features on your account statement: number of products in transit, status of previous and current statements, references of bank transfers. These features are already available in SellerCenter; we will send detailed communication in coming days! 
4. More Places to Drop-off Your Packages
To make business with Jumia more convenient, we will add more vendor drop-off hubs in Q1 2017. This is to make drop-offs less stressful and reduce your travel and wait time. 
5. Packaging Materials Available Online
You gave us feedback and we listened. Starting soon, you will be able to order packaging materials online. Get them delivered at your house, or pick them up at any Vendor Drop Off Hub! 
6. Weekly Fun Challenges with Rewards
At least every 2 weeks, we will organize fun challenges such as: Triple your sales, Grow your assortment, Flash Price Drop, and more! These challenges will come with great rewards such as bottles of champagne, smartphones, reduced commissions etc. Be ready! 
7. Training Tailored for You
Every Mondays through Fridays, Jumia University will be hosting training sessions based on your requirements. We will give you tips on how to improve your Seller Score, sales performance, and even skill sets development (e.g. excel tutorial).
8. Vendor of the Month Award - Comes with a Reward ;)
Every month, we will announce Jumia's Vendor of the Month based on sales and operations criteria announced in advance. We will reward the winner with a Smartphone and feature them on all our social media platforms.
9. Customer Blacklisting
Jumia has been learning the behaviour of our customers. This knowledge will help us restrict customers with high rejection rates from placing Cash On Delivery orders and force them to prepay. Thus, we will protect our vendors and improve their delivery success rate.
10. Pick Up Returned Items from VDO
Vendors will be able to pick up returned items at the hub where it was dropped off. This means less travel time and reduced wait time. This will enable you to focus on what you do best... Getting the right products at the right prices!




  • 22 Feb 2017
  • 10:46

SC News Update - Training sessions

Sign up for a training session today!

More Training = More Sales = More Money.
It's our deeply held belief that Jumia's training sessions play an instrumental role in helping vendors make more money! Sign up for a training that is tailored to your need here. All training sessions are held at: Jumia Corporate Office, 109A, Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja. Lagos.




  • 22 Feb 2017
  • 10:42

Vendor of the month!

When we said we will reward you, we weren't playing!
So, starting this month, we will announce Jumia's vendor of the month on the 15th of every new month... Get ready! This vendor will be selected based on the following criteria:
  • Best increase of volume/sales
  • Best increase of assortment
  • Best improvement of service to our customers
And guess what, the vendor wins a smartphone. Huge right?
You can be our next vendor of the month... I'll give you tips on how:
  • Prepare and ship orders in less than 24 hours.
  • Keep your store updated, you don't want to have products run out of stock.
  • Try to have a wide assortment of products, giving your customers more to buy.
  • Mind the quality of the products you sell... If customers return your products, your Seller Score decreases