Jumia Operating Model Guidelines

  Any major change regarding the below guidelines that impacts the vendor operating model will be communicated via Email, SMS or Announcements on Seller Center to vendors. Vendors are required to keep the registered email and telephone number up to date in Seller Center (Settings >> Vendor’s Profile >> Email Address >> Phone number).   Jumia has introduced the Bank Verification Number (BVN) process to create a safe and secure platform for all vendors. As a vendor, this strengthens your profile and makes your periodic payments easier to process to you. To update your BVN, (Settings >> Vendor’s Profile >> Bank Account).  
  • What you need to know about BVN
  • BVN is an identification number that allows banks and other payment platforms authenticate payments to your bank account
  • BVN protects you from fraudsters and online theft
JUMIA has set up a clear and transparent commission structure, based on the category of products offered by the vendors. This commission structure can be reviewed on Seller Center (Settings >> Your Profile >> Commissions).     The vendor is responsible for creating products on Seller Center as well as uploading pictures and content that meet JUMIA’s expectations. JUMIA staff will review and quality check each product to ensure they are compliant with JUMIA’s expectations. A product will not go live unless it meets all requirements. All detailed content guidelines are available per category here  
  • Image Guidelines & Resizing Tool
  1. You can upload up to 8 images for each product in JPEG, PNG and GIF formats.
  2. Maximum file size is 1MB.
  3. First Image will be the main image of your product.
  4. First Image should be the front view of the product
  5. Watermarked images are not allowed
  6. Image dimensions should always be 680x680 pixels. If your image is between 1000x1000 and 2000x2000 pixels you can use our image crop tool to re-size, rotate and crop your images. To access this tool just click on the pencil button on the top left corner of each image you upload (illustrated below).
For more details on the Jumia Image Guidelines, kindly click here



Note: The edit icon will only appear on newly uploaded / unapproved images

  • How to use the tool?
  1. Zoom in or out to make the product cover 80% of the white space.
  2. Drag the grid to make sure the product is centrally positioned.
  3. Use arrow buttons to rotate the image if required.
  4. Click on 'Crop' to save the changes.
  1. Jumia Express is our premium service that will grow your sales and ease the fulfillment of your orders. Jumia will store, pack and ship your items directly to your customers at a fee here
  2. Jumia Studio: As an incentive for all New Sellers (2 Weeks Old Sellers), Jumia Studio offers 5 Free Product Photoshoots to be listed on the Seller's Store to ensure a seamless onboarding process. Product Images are shot and products listed on the Seller's Store in line with the Jumia Content Guidelines.

    In the event that the Seller has more products to list in excess of the 5 Free Products, a request can be made here. Sellers can also take advantage of our Monthly Bundle Packages as highlighted in the screenshot below:



Vendors can now enjoy an easier and faster drop off experience using our new vendor self drop off service. This feature allows vendors ship their packages at a self drop off kiosk in our controlled hubs. To be eligible for this service, your quality score must be a 100% (no returns and rejections) and you must have processed above 30 items every month. A review is done on a monthly basis to inform you of your eligibility status via SMS. For a step by step process on how this works, please click here.
  1. Cancellation Rules: If the stock of the vendor is up to date, no cancellation should occur.
  2. Fulfillment time rule: The vendor commits to processing (i.e. setting the order to “ready to ship”) every order within 24 hours of the item hitting the vendor’s Seller Center portal. The Vendor commits into delivering (i.e. ensuring the item is set to “shipped” status) 100% of its ordered product to ECART SERVICES NIGERIA LTD within 24 hours after the item was set to “ready to ship” status.
  3. Jumia Express (Fulfillment by Jumia): Thanks to Jumia Express, the Vendor does not have to manage his stocks anymore. Products Fulfilled by Jumia will be delivered to the customer faster, resulting in better customer satisfaction. Additionally, Jumia Express items will be featured on the Jumia website with the Jumia Express badge, adding more visibility. To be approved for Fulfillment by Jumia Service, please raise a claim. Requests for the Jumia Express service will be reviewed based on available warehouse space.

    If your request is approved, you may submit a Fulfillment by Jumia inbound request, but following the steps below:
    1. Create your products in Seller Center.
    2. Place a “Fulfillment Request” in Seller Center.
    3. Each request will be reviewed individually by the Jumia team and may be amended.
    4. Drop off your stock at Jumia warehouse or have Jumia to pick it up for you
    5. Now you can relax, change your prices, join promotions, we take care of the rest.
    Jumia will conduct tests and audits of the packaging practices of each vendor and may refuse to ship an order for which the packaging is not matching the Packaging Guidelines.

If the products packaged by the vendor and received by ECART SERVICES NIGERIA LTD  are not following the guidelines, item can be repackaged by Jumia. Package must not show any sign of usage of any visible damage. As a consequence, if more than 2 (two) times in one month, the orders received by ECART SERVICES NIGERIA LTD from the vendor are not following the packaging guidelines, ECART SERVICES NIGERIA LTD may charge a penalty to the vendor or propose the vendor to change its Fulfillment Method under the sanction of Shop suspension or contract termination.

Vendors are responsible for providing adequate packaging for your products. Adequate packaging will protect the item during the entire delivery and return to vendor process. If the Jumia-branded packaging is not sufficient to protect the item, the vendor must supply additional packaging, such as bubble wrap, a larger box, or space fillers. All items that may be crushed during the delivery process must be packed in a carton, rather than flyers. If an item is too small for the carton provided, the vendor must fill the empty space with a filler material.

You may read the full packaging guidelines here.

You can also watch a video tutorial explaining how to pack your items here.


Return to Vendor / Return to Inventory

Once marked as “Failed Delivery” and the package is untouched by the customer, it would be sent to the Return Hub un-tampered for pick up. If the package has been opened by our customer, it will be retrieved and sent to Jumia Warehouse where it will be quality checked and returned into our inventory.

The confirmation email would include the number of items processed for pick up & the scheduled date. It is your responsibility to ensure that the list of items given to you in the warehouse matches the list received in the confirmation sent to you. If it does not match, please raise a claim with the list of items collected. 


Once the vendor has received a confirmation email that items have been processed for return pick-up, the vendor has 21 days to pick-up these items or the items will be considered forfeited by the vendor. Please ensure the email information provided in Seller Center is up to date to avoid missing important return-to-vendor communication.

For certain fast moving SKUs, the Fufillment by Vendor return items may be moved into Jumia’s inventory and put live on jumia.com.ng, making the item immediately available for resale.  

Jumia works hard to ensure you have a great experience on the platform. As a result, an avenue that allows you to create credentials for your representatives to pick up returned packages at the RTV stations in all hubs has been introduced. With this feature, you can create accounts for your pickers (representatives) to enable them to login and confirm that they received the returned packages.
Jumia keeps track of all items picked up by ensuring an email with a list of items is sent to the vendor’s email.

Note: You can create as many picker accounts as you need and each detail must be confidential and known to each picker. Please click here for additional information.

  • Benefits
  • Fast Identification of sellers
  • Increased security for returned packages.

Jumia regularly offers the possibility to vendors to join open promotion campaigns, based on special prices offered to the customers. The vendor can join the promotion through Seller Center Promotion features. Once his offers have been reviewed and accepted by Jumia commercial staff, the vendor has the obligation to respect his commitment, both in terms of price and stock available for the promotion. In case the vendor would not respect his commitment, Jumia reserves the right to apply sanctions where applicable.

Vendor must keep in mind that the discounts provided through the promotion feature is a discount based on the original selling price of the product.

See how to apply for our promotions here

Vendors will receive weekly payments for items set to delivered within 7 days of the payout day while New Vendors and Not Eligible Vendors will receive payments for items set to delivered within 15 days. All eligible vendors on Gold Tier will receive Daily Payment.

Every Vendor on jumia.com.ng will be allocated a business day of the week, from Monday to Friday, for payments.

For instance, a Vendor with Friday as an allocated payout day, you will receive payment for items set to-delivered during the period 1- 7 - 15 days prior to the payout day. For example, the payment made on Tuesday, March 24th will be for all items set to be delivered between March 17th and March 23rd for those on 7 days payment schedule.

JUMIA has set high operational expectations for all vendors joining on the platform. 

Vendors would recieve payments for items delivered, 8 days after their payment cycle ends. All vendors are allocated a business day for payments, either Tuesday or Wednesday.

  • Vendor Delisting Due to Counterfeits

Products offered to our customers MUST be authentic as Jumia has ZERO tolerance for the sale of fake products, including any products that have been illegally replicated, reproduced, or manufactured.

  • You will CHARGED on first occurrence of detection of a listed replica or fake.
  • 70,000 Naira fine on first detection of a listed replica or fake.
  • On the second occurrence, the vendor will be delisted and barred indefinitely from the platform.
  • Order Regulation

Below are the Order regulation criteria for vendors with respect to cancellation rate and fulfillment score:

Orders on your account will be regulated the following week based on your cancellation rate orders and orders you were able to successfully ship within a four week period.


N.B. Daily Capacity to Fulfil (DCF) = (Total orders - OOS orders)/ Number of order days.

For issues regarding order regulations, kindly raise a claim 

For sensitive goods products, Vendor must add to the description of its products the below Product Creation Requirements. If for the mentioned Categories the requirements are not matched, the products of the vendor can be delisted.



Jumia Categories

Product Creation Requirements

Food Non Alcoholized Beverages Sodas Other Beverages Food Other Food Must indicated storage condition + Origin of the food
Alcohol & Tobacco Alcoholized Beverages Cigar Universe Shisha & Accessories Other Tobacco E‎-Cigarettes & Accessories Must indicated storage condition + Origin of the product
Baby Equipment Baby Care & Safety Baby Feeding Baby & Toddler Toys Sleeping & Nursery Gear & Stroller Others Baby Must indicated usage condition + minimum age + main materials present in the product
Health Products Health & Fitness, Protrein Powders, Food supplements Must  indicated Usage condition + storage condition + main ingredients
Beauty Products Body shop Make up Facial Skincare Perfumes Hygiene Womens accessories Hair care Health and Relaxation Facial skin care Must  indicate Usage condition + Ingredients + Storage
Intimate products Condoms Must  indicate storage condition + usage condition + material
Potential Weapons Kitchen Knife, baseball bat, weapons toys (Nerfs, Airsoft...) Must indicate normal usage condition, minimum age
Toys Others Baby Cars & remote control toys Dolls & Plush Educative Toys, Arts & Crafts Puzzles Scooters & Ride on Toys Sports Games Outdoor Toys Kids Tablets & Laptops Bricks, Blocks & Building Action & Toy figures Pretend Play Other Kids Must indicate minimum Age, Main material
Sex toys   Must indicate Minimum Age, Main Material