What is Jumia.com?

Established in 2012, Jumia.com is the No 1 e-tailer in Africa. It offers more than 100,000 products across multiple categories including electronics, fashion, home & living, health & beauty, books and much more.


How do I register?

Selling on Jumia.com is very easy. You do not have to pay anything to register. Visit this page https://www.jumia.com.ng/market-place and fill the form. An email with access codes to our Seller Center will be sent to you.

How do I log in?

Go to page https://sellercenter.jumia.com.ng and use the access codes you received by mail


I am listing products for the first time

All products listed by merchants are reviewed and approved by our Quality Control team within 2 working days.

How to best describe items I’m selling?

To best describe the item you are selling; please mention all the key highlights of the item (main technical specs...), unique selling features, functionality, size or dimensions, weight and be factual. Do the pitch of what you are selling by showing the customers all the benefits of your product. Do not hesitate also to copy-paste pictures straight from other websites.

How to best choose images for items I’m selling?

Though our minimum resolution is listed as 500x500px we advise you to submit images as close as possible to 2000x2000px large. Submit as many angles as possible. Remember shopping is a very visual process.

How do I review my live product listings?

Login to your Seller Center account and click “manage Products”; then select “Live”


My item listing got rejected, what do I do?

You will receive an email explaining the reason for rejection. After understanding the concern, you can edit and resubmit the listing for upload.

How many products can I list?

There’s no limit on how many products you can list for sale on Jumia.com. And this is always free.

I don't have images of my products, what do I do?

Look for images online with the help of a unique identifier of the product (Model No) or Shoot the images of a live product at a studio following JUMIA image guidelines.


What are the downloadable product templates on JUMIA Seller Center?

What are the downloadable product templates on JUMIA Seller Center?

The product template is a tool to help you list lots of products at once. On the product import page, templates for different product categories can be downloaded. They contain descriptions of all attributes, examples and a template Table. You just have to fill out the template Table with your products and save the table as a CSV file (.csv). Then choose an import mode, either to create products or update existing ones.

It is also possible to import/update images via CSV upload for each product. For each product, a maximum of 8 images can be uploaded by giving the URL for each image.

How do I know if my products are successfully imported?

Once the file is uploaded, it may take some time to import the products to the system. Once a file was successfully uploaded, that means the file itself is valid and now the system tries to either create or update the products. The current state of the imported file is displayed in the feed-table below the import-section. If the file has some errors, please click on “Details” and an overview is opened, where all errors of the file are listed.

How can I get the complete list of my products that have been rejected?

On your Seller Center, go to “Products” > “Manage your Products”. You have several available filters:

  • Image missing: (newly) created products which do not have image yet. These products are not available in the Shop.
  • Poor Quality: these products were created or edited, but the product was rejected by the Content Team. Changes need to be made before the product can be Live.
  • Sold out: Product that has no stock anymore and that cannot be bought by the customers.
  • Inactive: products which have been set as inactive using the Active switch and edited products for which an old version still exists in the Shop System + products awaiting for Quality Approval from our Content Team.
  • I have too many products to list manually one by one, what do I do?

You can do a bulk upload for all the products wherever possible. Training for a bulk upload could be given by VM or Content writer.


How do I know when a customer places an order of one of my products?

All your orders will appear under “Orders” > “Manage Orders”. Once an order is placed by a customer, it will land under “Pending”.

When should I accept an order?

You should only process an order if you have the item in stock. If not, cancel the order. Once “ready-to-ship”, the order should not be cancelled anymore.

How to cancel an order?

To cancel an order, select “Canceled” under “Actions” for either the entire order or for one or more items within the order. When you cancel an order, it is always a good practice to enter a reason that would be helpful should the customer reach out to the Shop-system in the future. Also please note that you will be charged for cancelled orders.


How do I package my item?

Use the JUMIA branded packaging for your items. Put the printed invoice inside the packaging along with your items. If you are VAT-registered, you must staple your ETR to the invoice. You must use the invoice generated through Seller Center as it has important information for the customer such as our customer service hotline and returns information. Staple the shipping label onto the outside of the package.

Do this in a way so the barcode on the shipping label is visible and can be scanned. For large, already packaged items:

  • Use a flyer and tape it on the package. In the flyer put the invoice and shipping label
  • You may read the full packaging guidelines here
  • You can also watch a video tutorial explaining how to pack your items here

When is an item “Ready-to-ship”?

An item is “Ready-to-ship” when:

  • You have chosen a shipping provider
  • You have entered the Tracking ID to track the order to be shipped
  • You have printed all the required documents: Invoice, Shipping label, pick list, Carrier Manifest
  • Package your items and drop-off at any drop -off location which is convenient to you 


How can I track my order history?

Go to “Orders” > “Manage Orders” > Click on “Completed”. There you will see your history broken down by “Delivered”, “Canceled”, “Delivery failed”, “Returned orders


How can I track my orders/sales performance?

Go to “Reports” > “Sales Report”. You can get an overview of the sales/orders of your products, as well as your account statements. The graphs under “Sales Reports” are a visual representation of your sales and orders in comparison to the last week (last month, last 2 months or last 3 months). Clicking on one of the data points will display detailed information for the selected date.


How can I be sure that my price is competitive?

In your Seller Center, go to “Reports” > “Pricing Report”. You have the possibility to see how many competitors are selling the same product. You can compare your price with the cheapest offer and how much you would need to reduce your price to match it.

How can I have a summary of my earnings over the past weeks?

In your Seller Center, go to “Reports” > “Account Statements” > “Current Statement”.

You can see how much money you’ve made and what fees you’ve been charged. All payouts to you will be determined by these statements (think of these as credit card statements.) 


What is JUMIA return policy?

In order to ensure its customer satisfaction and to always improve its sales, JUMIA guarantees returns in the following cases:
  • The product is not the one ordered
  • The product is faulty
  • JUMIA also offers a 7 days period of withdrawal to the customer
JUMIA also puts its entire attention in your protection. The items can be returned only if the following conditions are fulfilled:
  • The product sent back is still in its original plastic wrap
  • The product has not been used
  • There isn’t any missing part of the product
  • The client has kept and sent back the invoice of the product

How and when can I get back my returned items?

If the final client decides to return your product, you’ll receive your product back within a month. When JUMIA retrieves the product, our customer service makes sure the product is not faulty and reimburses you the value of the product plus JUMIA’s commission in the next payment cycle.
If you have any complaints regarding your returned item(s), kindly follow the steps stated below to initiate a rejection;
  • Step 1: Tell the agent at the RTO hub that you would like to reject the item.
  • Step 2: The agent will document your rejection reason and take a picture of the item. Please note that you will be required to take the returned item with you afterward.
  • Step 3: Raise a claim on Seller Center and attach supporting documents i.e. a picture of the item, video (the picture/video must be taken at the RTO hub).
We will review your claim and will respond to you within 2 business days. If your rejection is valid, you will receive payments within 3-5 business days and will be asked to keep the item. However, if your rejection is invalid, you will receive a detailed explanation of why it’s an invalid rejection.
Also, note that you are required to raise a claim within 5 business days from the date your return was picked.

If I experience any issue using any service on the Seller Center, Who do i contact?

You can reach the Seller Center Support team any time you need help. 

Simply raise a claim or call us on  01 888 1102 or 01 277 2361 from 9 am to 5pm on weekdays. Do not hesitate to call your Key Account manager as well to answer your questions or to get private training sessions.


What is an invoice?

An invoice is a document issued by a seller (vendor) to the buyer (Jumia) that indicates the quantities and costs of the products provided by the seller.

Why does Jumia need an invoice from my store?

Jumia needs an invoice from your store for validation the transaction. It stands to say we have received the items and from you and indicates the monetary value. This means we can use that to book the transaction in our own books

Kindly see sample invoice Here!